Our Smoke Story

At Vermont Smoke & Cure we smoke more than half of our line of sticks using maple, hickory and/or cob woodchips.  Smoking tenderizes meat to give it that extra burst of flavor. Smoking is an art that has been around for hundreds of years and requires patience and practice. Click here for more information on our smoky sticks. 

Our cook process starts by naturally fermenting (or preserving) our products as we mix the meat with our various high-quality spices.  This slow-fermentation process delivers the tangy flavor that is a signature for our brand. Then we undergo an intense, small batch hardwood smoking process that delivers rich smoky flavors.  There are a few different ways to add smoke to meat for that unmistakably bold flavor (ex. charcoal, liquid smoke) but we only use hardwood chips for a signature, natural, authentic taste. Smoking enhances flavor, color, and contributes to product freshness resulting in a premium flavor experience.  

Our smoking takes place around 120°F. We use this slow temperature to get our products to reach the required minimum internal temperatures. Our products are surrounded by smoke to ensure that it permeates every inch of our sticks. We cycle out and use dried hardwood chips for every small batch. We balance time, temperature and humidity to use smoke methodically to deliver juicy flavorful products that delight consumers with a touch of smoky flavor in each bite. All of our meat sticks are made on site at our facility in Hinesburg, VT.