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Made the Vermont Way

Consciously Crafted, Deliberately Delicious

We believe good food doesn’t have to be complicated, so we keep it pretty simple. At Vermont Smoke & Cure we’ve been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats using premium meat, spices, herbs and simple local ingredients since 1962. Our members are the heart of our organization and we are proud to employ quality-minded, neighborly, respectful people who do things The Vermont Way. Our team makes delicious meat sticks at our facility in Hinesburg, Vermont, providing the highest quality products to create the finest flavor in every bite of our meat snacks. All of our meat snacks are made in small batches, hand crafted and slow cooked for over 18 hours. Half of our sticks are smoked in our Smokehouse to add a unique flavor. Learn more about our smoking process here. 

All of this comes together making us a leader in meat snacks as the #1 meat stick in the Natural Channel. 

Raised Without Antibiotics or Added Hormones No Added Sodium Nitrites Allergen Friendly Gluten Free Lunchbox Approved
      • We buy all our meats free from antibiotics and added hormones from vegetarian fed animals
      • We use the finest cuts of meat that are hand trimmed and ground. 
      • All of our products are made with no added sodium nitrites.* 
      • We use real spices and ingredients — like garlic, cracked pepper, and mustard seed. 
      • We deliver the finest flavor by naturally fermenting to lower pH, rather than adding encapsulated citrus or liquid acids. 
      • We use ground corn cob, hickory and maple wood shavings to smoke our meat sticks — we never use liquid or artificial smoke flavor. 
      • All of our products are free from MSG and the Big 8 Allergens (Milks, Eggs, Gluten, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts & Soy). 

Vermont Smoke & Cure® incorporates our social mission into our business operations by considering the impact of our operations on our employees, customers, community, and the environment. For example, more than 50% of our electricity is solar generated with herein 60 miles of our facility. We also use high efficiency smokers to reduce energy needs by more than 10%. 

Made the Vermont Way Since 1962



Vermont Smoke & Cure® got its start in 1962 in South Barre, Vermont, serving the small town made up of many immigrants drawn by the granite quarrying and carving industry. For the next 50 years, we operated in a farmhouse and then in the back of a gas station.



Chris Bailey, a farmer, chef, and former US team cyclist took over and renamed the business Vermont Smoke & Cure. Chris brought a modern approach to recipes, processing techniques. He also made a commitment to use better quality, ethically raised meats.


Real Sticks Launch

Chris launched Real Sticks in 2010 — nitrate-free sticks made with meat raised without antibiotics. The line quickly gained a foothold with natural foods and specialty grocery shoppers across the country.


Smokehouse Expansion & Brand Relaunch

After moving from Barre to Hinesburg in 2012, we completed an expansion of our smokehouse increasing our capacity 4x. We also relaunched the brand with a unique, colorful palate, standing out in the category.


100% ABF & Sodium Nitrite Free!

In 2016, we relaunched our Smoked Uncured Pepperoni, meaning ALL Vermont Smoke & Cure products are now 100% sodium nitrite free* and made from meat raised without antibiotics.”

*except for those naturally occurring in swiss chard powder


Mini Meat Stick Launch

With the growing trend for portable, better for you snacks, we launched our mini meat sticks to meet the needs of families across the country.


Grass Fed Beef Sticks

We launched 2 Grass Fed & Finished Beef Flavors in 2018, leveraging our amazing smokehouse to deliver truly delicious better for you beef sticks.

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*Except those naturally occurring in celery juice powder and sea salt.